Cemento-ossyfying fibroma juvenile of the oral cavity



Objectives. Fibro-osseous neoplasm remains somewhat controversial, and differing concept have been advanced regarding their nature and the proper terminology for them. Cemento-ossyfying fibroma juvenile (JOF) is a rare type of fibro-osseous tumor as also been included under the “umbrella” of cemento-ossyfying fibroma. The JOF is most often seen in patients who are between 5 and 15 years of age. With this work we emphasize the importance of a correct diagnostic approach.
Material and methods. The case describes a form of cemento-ossyfying fibroma hight active and aggressive like JOF. The patient thirteen older showed from 2004 to 2008 three times the palatal lesion, it was performed with a incisional biopsy and excisional biopsy. The tumor were fixed in 10% buffered formalin embedded in paraffin cut into thick sections and stained with ematoxylin-eosin.
Results. The incisional biopsy was inadequate to formulate a correct diagnosis.The histological exams have showed for three times different aspects.
Conclusion. Some authors in the past have suggested different classification. The COFs show different clinical, histological and radiographical patterns.

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F. Cecchetti

F. Bramanti

F.N Bartuli

L. Ottria

C. Arcuri

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Cecchetti, F., Bramanti , F., Bartuli , F., Ottria , L., & Arcuri , C. (2010). Cemento-ossyfying fibroma juvenile of the oral cavity. Oral & Implantology, 3(1), 32–37. Retrieved from
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