A new aid in TMD therapy: the Universal Neuromuscular Immediate Relaxing appliance “UNIRA”



Among the various treatment options currently indicated for the temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) tackle an important role is played by occlusal devices which can be used in an individualized and or universal. At the Service of Clinical Gnathology of the Head-Neck Department of the Umberto I Polyclinic at the Sapienza University of Rome, has been tested a new universal occlusal appliance, invented and patented by dott. Rampello. To assess the applicability and efficacy was carried out a preliminary study on a sample of 50 patients selected according to the criteria RDC-TMD and divided in random into two groups, the patient group (PG), treated with the device, and a control group (CG) does not undergo any treatment. The two groups were evaluated according to an analysis of segmentation by comparing the clinical data. Were considered some aspects of the application of the device using a self-evaluation questionnaire administered to the PG. Considerations derived from this initial application are: none of the 25 patients in the sample PG has worsened the initial situation. 6 patients (24%) were healed and were included in a protocol of regular six-monthly visits. 16 patients (64%) have improved and incorporated into treatment to complete the treatment cycle. 3 patients (12%) were stationary and subjected to a diagnostic reassessment. The patients in the CG have all been included in the multidisciplinary treatment program. The findings of our preliminary study are favorable to this new device occlusion, however, requires further verification in time and on a sample of patients numeroso.

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A. Rampello

G. Falisi

F. Panti

C. Di Paolo

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Rampello , A., Falisi , G., Panti , F., & Di Paolo, C. (2010). A new aid in TMD therapy: the Universal Neuromuscular Immediate Relaxing appliance “UNIRA”. Oral & Implantology, 3(1), 20–32. Retrieved from
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