Palatal obturators in patients after maxillectomy



Prosthodontic management of palatal defects is fundamental to improve patient’s life undergoing to a maxillary surgical treatment. A lot of maxillary defects are a direct consequence of surgical treatment of malformations, neoplasms or trauma. The obturators are prosthesis used to close palatal defects after maxillectomy, to restore masticatory function and to improve speech. The primary goals of the obturator prosthesis are to preserve the remaining teeth and tissue and to provide comfort, function, and aesthetics to the patients. Different materials and retention methods are a characteristic of new types of obturators.

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P. Cardelli

E. Bigelli

V. Vertucci

F. Balestra

M. Montani

S. De Carli

C. Arcuri

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Cardelli , P., Bigelli , E., Vertucci, V., Balestra, F., Montani , M., De Carli, S., & Arcuri, C. (2014). Palatal obturators in patients after maxillectomy. Oral & Implantology, 7(3), 86–92. Retrieved from
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