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Oral Implantology

Aims & scope

ORAL & Implantology is intended to promote study and scientific research in the field of implantology and allied biomedical disciplines.
It provides valuable information to general dentists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists, periodontists, scientists, clinicians, laboratory owners and technicians, manufacturers, and educators. Implant basics, prosthetics, pharmaceuticals, the latest research in implantology, implant surgery, and advanced implant procedures are just some of the topics covered.
The journal is published quarterly and has an original paper section, a case report section and a literature review section. Adequate space is also devoted to case reports and clinical trials as well as to letters-to-the-editors and clinical comments and discussion sections.
ORAL & Implantology may also publish articles dealing specifically with the areas of history of implantology and the definition of clinical procedures of particular interest.Contributions must describe the use of dental record and clinical treatment methods.Authors may also submit short case-histories relating to the practical resolution of clinical cases.