VOLUME 12 - NUMBER 2 - 2019


  • Ciulli E., Fabretti M., Lanzuolo S., Casale F., Gargari M.
  • Case report, 168-173
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  • There are many techniques to regenerate a sufficient bone thickness, in both vertical and horizontal direction, when bone is reabsorbed after extractions or after a long period of edentulism. The present study wants to evaluate from a clinical point of view results obtained using the GBR technique with a e-PTFE titanium reinforced membrane in posterior jaw (4.5-4.7). A 57-years-old male patient presented the failure of two implants in zone 4.6-4.7; after the latter’s removal and a healing period of 6 months, the wide bone defects have been filled with heterologous bovine bone mixed with autologous bone and covered with e-PTFE titanium reinforced membrane fixed to the alveolar ridge. After 6 months the site was opened to remove the fixing screws and to place two new dental implants in zone 4.5-4.7; after the osseointegration period of 6 months, the implants were uncovered and two healing-screw were positioned. A significant increase in alveolar bone both vertical and horizontal was observed, such as to allow excellent aesthetic and functional result, testifying the success of the procedure.

  • KEY WORDS: bone regeneration, oral implants, titanium-reinforced membranes.